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Forum :: General Discussion

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New aluminum neck guitars

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 Author  Message

PostPosted: 10/27/2005 at 4:43 AM    Post subject: New aluminum neck guitars link

Appearently there's someone calling themself "Electrical Guitar Co." Who's going to start building Aluminum neck guitars.
One of the prototypes are up for sale on ebay, so I've mailed with the guy doing this.
According to him there will be a mosrite model (like the one on ebay) - called custom, a double cutaway aluminum body - called standard and one TB500 model.

Sounds nice eh? What do you think!?

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04 Feb 2004
Posts: 309
PostPosted: 10/27/2005 at 3:53 PM    Post subject: RE:New aluminum neck guitars link

I saw the E-bay listing as well. The guitar looks interesting, although the description is really confusing. The guitar on display is pretty much a TB 500 copy. I can understand why someone would want to make them given how much in demand that guitar is.

I'm interested, but skeptical. Let's see what the offical release model looks like.

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PostPosted: 10/27/2005 at 8:25 PM    Post subject: RE:New aluminum neck guitars link

I say ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME someone gets off their ass and makes some aluminum necked guitars. If bean won't who else will. i hope he does well. i would love to see the TB500 Repros. The mosrite version is pretty cool.

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16 Mar 2007
Posts: 147
PostPosted: 10/27/2005 at 11:27 PM    Post subject: RE:New aluminum neck guitars link

Hey. The main guitars I make are an all aluminum mix of my two favorites, a Bean and a Veleno. Ive been making them for about 2 years now. I started getting more and more people wanting an aluminum neck on wooden bodies. Im a rabid Bean fan and as we all know they have gone up in price quite a bit(remember the days of TB500s for $600.00?!). To make a neck fit a body is by all standards as pain in the ass. People kept trying to get me to make a Bean basically. Beans are Beans and they are the best at what they are. Well, a few of my buddies kept complaining/wondering about isolating a neck as the wood kills the ring. Ex...I loaded the TB500 pu copies into one of my all aluminum Standards and then had people A/B it against an actual TB500. The difference was drastic, and the only thing different was the all aluminum with no wood touching it. So, we all talked about it and said well isolate the neck and see what happens. The result was the guitar on ebay. We again A/B it against a TB500 and everyone else(not me, Im biased) said it sounded better. Im not here to say its going to replace the Beans or anything, I just wanted to make a guitar that could get that sound for me and everyone else who loves those things, but can no longer afford them. Its not a rip off/copy, just a variation that happened to work out well. Production will be up in the next month. If anyones interested please feel free to drop me a line. Also those TB500 single coils are available now as well. they are in p90 shells. Thanks,Kevin

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PostPosted: 10/28/2005 at 9:38 PM    Post subject: RE:New aluminum neck guitars link

hey kev, jeremy here from up in canada , we talked a little. anyways. i got outbid on that pup on ebay and thats ok with me i was wondering an estimated price on the wood bodied 500'ish guitars. email me if you dont want to post it here. thanks man and im still loving your work! the sg shape looks insane!!!!!

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PostPosted: 12/04/2005 at 10:58 AM    Post subject: RE:New aluminum neck guitars link

He does great work. I've seen one of his SG-style guitars in person, and it was a beauty. Kevin (Electrical Guitar Co) made an instrument for me, which I received just a few weeks ago. It's a baritone guitar, aluminum neck-through and fretboard, with a wood body from an old Gibson G3 (G3/Grabber/Ripper -- I chose it and supplied it to him) modded to mount onto the neck. It's an 8-string instrument, with the two highest strings doubled like on a 12-string guitar. Fixed bridge is a NOS Ibanez Gibraltar, modified to accommodate the extra strings on the highest two saddles. Also has a Washburn Wonderbar vibrato which can be used for vibrato/fine-tuning for anywhere from 0 up to 6 of the 8 strings. Right now, only two are attached to it: one string from each of the pairs of doubled strings.

It's an incredible piece of work, and turned out better than I could have ever hoped. I am beyond satisfied. He's a great guy, and a highly skilled craftsman.

Here's a pic.

I haven't got the electronics squared away yet, but suffice it to say, they will likely be the most unconventional aspect of the instrument. :) There is an aluminum plate to which the pickups will mount. I had Kevin make three of these plates, so I can swap pickup configurations relatively easily, with no modification of the instrument required, just a couple screws.

I cannot speak highly enough of his work. I sold my TB1000-S because I knew I wasn't going to play it anymore. This baritone is a totally custom instrument, of supreme build quality, and he pulled it off like a champ.

Salut, Kevin, of the Electrical Guitar Co!!

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Disclosure: Any links to eBay or are affiliate links. Affiliate links may provide commission payments to the site based on purchases.

michael scagnetti

PostPosted: 12/04/2005 at 8:12 PM    Post subject: RE:New aluminum neck guitars link

yeah, that's a beauty man.

swapping out different pickup plates sounds pretty cool.

so i guess the pickup won't be built right into the neck then right?

looking forward to seeing a picture when the guitar is completed.

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PostPosted: 12/05/2005 at 10:58 AM    Post subject: RE:New aluminum neck guitars link

looks great.
Cool idea with the pickup change-thing. Like on the old Armstrong guitars.

I'm actiually thinking of ordering a guitar from Electric Guitar Co, so it's neat to see some feedback on the guitars.

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PostPosted: 12/06/2005 at 12:00 AM    Post subject: RE:New aluminum neck guitars link

Yeah, the pickup plate is screwed directly into the neck, but the pickups do not mount into the neck, they mount onto the plate. So one plate might have two humbuckers mounted onto it, and another might have three P90's, or straight-up single coils, any mix of pickups, whatever. This is the only instrument he's ever made that works like this, to the best of my knowledge. His production models don't have the plate scheme. That was my baby. :)

I can't wait until I get it all done. I wanted to share the pic, cause I saw this thread... but I feel slightly embarassed for posting it, because I haven't finished the electronics, refinishing the body, or shaping the pickguard. You can still see traces of the black markings around the pickguard edge where the original pickguard was, and the new pickguard that's on it needs a curve put into it up where the bottom horn meets the neck joint. All of these details are going to be addressed. I wanna make sure nobody thinks that Electrical Guitar Co production instruments would come with such imperfections. These are aspects of the production that have always been planned as my responsibility, from the get-go, in this unorthodox project.

It's actually kinda tough to focus on getting the little finishing touches done, because I can't stop playing it! It sounds great acoustically, and during the testing of various pickups that I've done so far, even with just one single-coil pickup in the neck position, with no volume control, it sounded phenomenal through my amps. The vibrato on only the high strings sounds as cool as I had hoped it would. And man can this thing bark!

I also did a little sustain test... I would turn on my tuner so the signal to the amp was cut, and then play a chord and wait before turning the tuner off. The longest period I tested was 30 seconds. After 30 seconds of ringing out with no signal to the amp, I could turn the tuner off and at least the lower notes of the chord were still ringing out! With the amp on, chords could be easily made to sustain indefinitely without distortion.

This instrument is totally custom, pretty much every aspect about it from the 8-tuner headstock to bridge and whammy I supplied, to the precise neck width, thickness, fretboard radius to exactly match the bridge shape, etc. Kevin was able to run with every idea I had and execute it perfectly, which is such a great thing. I think it speaks volumes about the quality of his work that he handled such oddball requests with no problems.

In buying the baritone, I sold my TB1000-S, and I do not regret making that move in the slightest. The Bean Standard is a great instrument. I hoped this one would turn out better. And it did!

I could probably go on for another 10,000 words. But I need to get back to cutting the pickguard. I will definitely post pics once the electronics are in.

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