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Forum :: General Discussion

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tuning peg bolts

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 Author  Message
LaSalle bon Dioxide

PostPosted: 09/06/2003 at 4:50 PM    Post subject: tuning peg bolts link

I know this message belongs in the "Mods/Repairs" section, but I wanted to increase my odds of getting a quick answer, so:

My D tuning peg came loose, so I tried to tighten it using a regular screw driver and a wrench. The screw head on the back of the headstock broke off the screw. Where would I find a screw to replace the one I broke? Are they common screws?

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LaSalle bon Dioxide

PostPosted: 09/07/2003 at 1:17 PM    Post subject: RE:tuning peg bolts link

I should probably mention that the instrument is a Travis Bean TB 2000 bass guitar.

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PostPosted: 09/08/2003 at 7:44 AM    Post subject: RE:tuning peg bolts link

I think you will just have to buy a complete new set of tuners. These are Schaller tuners on the TB2000 and Schaller have a Website but I would be surprised if they would bother going to the trouble selling one tuner bolt but you never know. I think they still make this bass tuner set and I have seen many on Ebay for sale. I know a UK company at that sell Schaller tuners so it would be best to look up their site (and the Schaller site) as you can view photos of their bass tuners and this should give you the information on what model number you are looking for. In fact if you email Touchstone they just, just might be able to replace the one bolt. If you live in the USA you might find a similar company nearer home. Schaller tuners are not cheap as they are the best quality tuners made, but Ebay is the cheapest place to pick up a set.

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PostPosted: 09/08/2003 at 6:33 PM    Post subject: RE:tuning peg bolts link

There is a new boxed set of Schaller bass tuners (the same ones that are on a TB bass) for sale on Ebay at this very moment with 3 days to go until end of auction. Model number is Schaller M4S and the price at present is a bargain $24.95

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LaSalle bon Dioxide

PostPosted: 09/11/2003 at 12:06 AM    Post subject: RE:tuning peg bolts link

Thank you for the info and heads up about the Schaller tuners on eBay. I'm not having a problem with using the bass, even with the broken screw head, and I've got lots of touring over the next couple of months and not even 25 bucks to spare, so I'm going to have to hope the tuner holds out and fix it when I return. Thanks again.

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Due to abuse - forum is closed and in archive mode only

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