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Forum :: Beans For Sale

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Beans galore on E-Bay

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04 Feb 2004
Posts: 309
PostPosted: 08/02/2005 at 9:38 AM    Post subject: Beans galore on E-Bay link

I've observed a fair number of Beans come up for sale on E-Bay this summer. Often the reserve doesn't get met and the seller tries again a week later. Interestingly, most of the guitars for sale have been 1000A's. There is a beautiful one listed now that looks to be in close to mint condition. Then there is Steve Albini's wedge with the strange sharpie writing all over it....

Any thoughts on what's going on in the Bean market right now? It seems like the sellers are often asking more than folks are willing/able to pay.

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PostPosted: 08/02/2005 at 4:45 PM    Post subject: RE:Beans galore on E-Bay link

Yes, that one has a nice flame to it....there seems to be some obsession with flamed tops on anything, I can buy a sheet of bookmatched, reverse chevron flame plywood! That is as clean and mint Bean I have seen. I think you are right on about price demands.

I have been after an Artist for a while now, just have to be patient. I think $2100 is fair for one in that condition. It is right in Portland, I am dying to check it out.

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PostPosted: 08/09/2005 at 5:52 PM    Post subject: RE:Beans galore on E-Bay link

i was bidding on an average condition standard and it went for 1895. then after that there was a bean every week, and some damn nice ones...

did people just see the price the first went for and just start dumping? but your right, there's one artist by original owner that had NO BIDS and the starting rate was 1499. a few days after the auction expired, it was back on starting at 1399. i think it also had no bids.

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