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Forum :: General Discussion

Cure for a neck-heavy TB Artist?

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 Author  Message

02 Feb 2009
Posts: 6
PostPosted: 06/17/2011 at 12:13 AM    Post subject: Cure for a neck-heavy TB Artist? link

I have one of the later, thinner body Artists and this thing is stupidly neck-heavy. It's worse than a Thunderbird bass. Any suggestions on how to fix...or, at the very least, improve this problem?

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11 Dec 2008
Posts: 106
PostPosted: 06/21/2011 at 9:24 AM    Post subject: RE:Cure for a neck-heavy TB Artist? link

Hi, Have you tried adjusting the strap so that the guitar body is off to the side a little/a little lower than you are use to? The off to the right does it for me and, the bridge is actually in the same place as my Telecaster (main guitar) the body is just off to the side a little.

Plan B: Some of the TB 3000's have an extra strap button on the back. # 38 and #41 have them in different places. Maybe my friend rlrlrl will chime in I played EGC Wedge # 455 P (an AWESOME guitar) that had one.

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