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Here is a quick market analysis of TB1000S, TB1000A, TB500 and TB2000 instruments on eBay. We're just going to start with 2007 data, and prices are averages from eBay auctions. This doesn't take into account any other sales (music store prices, other auctions, etc). This is a STARTING point, as the months and years go by, we'll see a more accurate view of the market. Eventually, I would like to see 12 month charts for the current year (like what is currently available) and yearly average chart.

Since we often see these instruments on eBay, we figure this is the best gauge for determining pricing. Also, this will help potentially buyers/sellers see the current trend.

It is important to point out that these are averages. These averages are based on the 'low' numbers of Beans auctioned on a monthly basis, and may not reflect a complete picture of Travis Bean values since we're excluding Bean sales from other market venues. This is meant to be used as a rough gauge for determining value.

Lower priced Beans, due to condition, or highly collectible features or instruments with historic significance can drastically change the averages. On that note, I will exclude any super collectible instruments (ie: Jerry Garcia's Bean) for the sake maintaining a accurate base line. Historic Beans will still be included, since there a few historically significant Beans that sell on eBay at close to fair market value.

Also, you'll notice that the TB4000 and TB3000 are not listed. Due to the extreme rarity of these, they don't find themselves on the market enough to warrant a averages chart.