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Anyone can be a member. All member information is kept private, and under no circumstances is it sold or given to anyone else. There are no charges or fees involved with becoming a member. YOU DO NOT NEED TO OWN A BEAN to be a member. If you are interested in the guitar, or just want to learn what the "hype" is all about... join.

Modifying database entries. All visitors can enter their Bean information in the database, but members can modify their personal entries. This will only apply if you submit your bean to the database after you have become a member and are currently logged into the site. Members will also have the ability to add images to their database entries.

Site updates. Members will be notified when there are any new site updates via email. Once again, this will not be SPAM, and all emails will be kept private.

Forum. Members will have the ability to post on the forum. Guests will be able to read the various forums posts, but you must be a logged in user to contribute. Please read the forum rules prior to posting.

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