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Q: Is this site affiliated with Travis Bean?
A: The site is not officially affiliated with Travis Bean himself, but I have been in direct communication with Travis Bean and the majority of employees of TBG over the years.

Q: Can you pass a message to Travis Bean.
A: I get this a lot. Travis Bean is a private person and would like to maintain that level of anonymity. If it's extremely important (family related matter, etc), you can contact me, and I can see what I can do.

Q: How can I help with the web site?
A: Donate. All development, hosting are all paid out of pocket, which is fine, but donations can ease the yearly sting. Donations (Beer Fund) can go a long way to help the site.

Q: How do I change a Bean entry I've submitted.
A: You must be a member to have the ability to modify entries (which includes uploading pictures). You must first join then add a Bean after you've logged in.

Q: How do I upload pictures?
A: You must be a member and be logged in to have the ability to upload pictures. You can either upload a photo with your Bean entry or you can upload them via the Photo Gallery.

Q: The Bean I want to enter already exists in the database, what do I do?
A: Usually this happens if Beans change hands, etc. The best way is to submit a message to me via the Contact Page. I'll try to notify the original owner (listed in the database) to confirm that Bean has changed hands, etc. If I do not get a reply or if there is no way of contacting them, I'll change the information and associate to your membership (if you've signed up)

Q: What's the point of signing up? What do you do with my information?
A: The point is to have the ability to manage your Bean(s) after they've been submitted. You can add pics and keep your information up to date. I do absolutely nothing with your information. It is not sold or given to spammers etc.

Q: How long has this site been around?
A: I purchased the domain and began initial creation of the site in 2000. It's gone through some major revisions over the years. The community is absolutely great!

Q: Why did you create this web site?
A: I love Beans. I love the Bean community. This is a rare guitar, with a rare group of individuals that get excited about all aspects of the Bean. I love the dialog between a Jazz guy and Punker on Bean tones.. and they're both excited and interested of what the other has to say, because it ties to the common thread.. the Bean. When I started the site, there were few sites that discussed Beans, and they were updated rarely. I knew the community was there in different forums, and I thought it would be great opportunity to tie a couple of things together. Create a forum where people can talk about different topics ranging from general Bean chat to 'for sale' queries and to include the Bean database where the owners could be responsible for adding/modifying their Beans. In short, it's been a great success and the support from the community has been awesome.

Q: I like the Bean pics in the layout.. where did you get the pics?
A: That is actually my TB1000S. A good friend and a fellow Bean owner - Shane Graff. You can see his photo work here.