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»  RE: HELP!! looking for TB 2000 # 719
    by quimbymeat
»  HELP!! looking for TB 2000 # 719
    by JonClaeton
»  RE:TB1000S for sale in Brisbane, Australia on gumt
    by tb1000s#937
»  RE:TB1000S for sale in Brisbane, Australia on gumt
    by tb1000s#937
»  TB1000S #1341 on eBay
    by admin

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Bean Bands

This is an incomplete list of bands/musicians that have or currently do play Beans. I think it would great if we can get this listing more complete. Please feel free to contact me with a band to add. I personally like to verify that the band plays Beans (vs Kramer - common mistake) before adding it to the database, so hopefully their site has pics. Since this is a web listing, the band must have a website.

You can search for the artists at Amazon!

Search for 1000 Year Plan on Amazon1000 Year Plan  Search for A Giant A Genius on AmazonA Giant A Genius  Search for Acrobatic Ashes on AmazonAcrobatic Ashes 
Search for Aerosmith on AmazonAerosmith  Search for Agalloch on AmazonAgalloch  Search for Agents in Panama on AmazonAgents in Panama 
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