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Database TB2000 #935

Model:   TB2000
Type:   Standard - Bass
Body:   Koa
Neck:   Imron Coated
Serial:   #935
Date Purchased:   10/01/2002
Date Submitted:   05/16/2006
Last Modified:   07/18/2011

First Name:   Casey
Last Name:   Burns
Country:   USA

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Description:   Love this bass and will never give it up. Borrowed it for some time before I was able to buy it from a friend in 2002. Recorded several records with The Nein. Toured the US and Canada with The Nein and The Rosebuds. Soundmen always understood why I wanted my cabinet miked instead of D.I. as soon as they heard the tone.

Pot Codes:   Haven't peeked at these lately.



Member Profile

I'm a full-time illustrator/artist/designer and occasional bass player originally from North Carolina, now in Portland, Oregon.
Former bands include The Nein, The Rosebuds.

Music: (musical influences / inspirations)
I enjoy Wire, Archers of Loaf, Harvey Milk, Neu!, Neil Young, Aphex Twin, Polvo, and all sorts of stuff.

Gear: (amps, pedals, etc)
Music Man HD-130 (the early one with the hybrid tube SS preamp). Matching 1x15 cabinet. Occasional light Rat distortion.

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