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Database TB1000A #331

Model:   TB1000A
Type:   Artist - Guitar
Body:   Koa
Neck:   Polished Aluminum
Serial:   #331
Date Purchased:   05/19/2017
Date Submitted:   N/A
Last Modified:   09/18/2017

First Name:   Jalen
Last Name:   Jones
Country:   USA

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Description:   Originally owned by Rick Oblinger of Travis Bean Guitars, who bought it in mid-1976. His brother Kurt came into possession of it after his passing in 2008. I'm now the third-generation owner. Everything is original except the nut, which was carved from TB stock. Came with the original anvil case.


Belonging to Rick 'Obe' Oblinger of Travis Bean Guitars


Currently this instrument is not owned by the submitter. Either it was recently sold, lost or given away. If the instrument has been sold, and you are the current owner, please Contact Me, then we can work on updating this Bean entry.

Member Profile

Poet/musician working on and off from the Pacific Northwest.

Music: (musical influences / inspirations)
Folk and metal primarily. Agalloch, Nick Cave, Arvo Pärt, moss, dark ales, candles...

Gear: (amps, pedals, etc)