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Forum :: General Discussion

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Paging Mr. Gallo

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 Author  Message

11 Dec 2008
Posts: 106
PostPosted: 01/27/2013 at 10:13 AM    Post subject: Paging Mr. Gallo link

In a shameless attempt to get Mr. Gallo to post on this forum again, I wanted to clarify an old post in the Real Names thread.

On 01/07/2009, I posted the following:
with regard to Vincent wishing that Travis himself would post, If I was a betting man, I say that has had to have happened ¦ at least a few times ¦ come on ¦ if you were Travis ¦ wouldn't you play Bean Jeopardy a few times with Vincent

Finally, since this thread mentions collecting I'd like to mention what I would buy if I was a collector/had the financial resources ¦ (Please note that I have Wedge #29 and am not a collector) ¦ after I got a few 500's ¦ Standards and Artists ¦ Telecasters, Broadcasters and Strats and the requisite Les Pauls, Juniors, SGs ¦etc ¦ I'd get a Thompson ¦ it's probably just me ¦ but, I played one once for about 90 seconds in the early 80's and to this day ¦ I still remember it like it was yesterday ¦ it had the most awesome Strat sound ¦ played like ¦ like ¦ well, it was just a way too cool guitar ¦ and when I selected the bridge and middle pickup ¦ well ¦ it was a rush ¦

So ¦ I was talking with my guitar guy last night (¦ the guy I grew up with and was a Rothchild Rep ¦ who introduced me to Travis at a NAMM show) ¦ we talked about Beans and my new original band, Highly Canadian ¦ the subject then changed to most memorable guitars/favorite guitars I ever played. Being a Cartage guy in LA, I had the chance to play some killer guitars ¦

The above Thompson guitar came up. As it turns out, it's not Carl Thompson that makes guitars for Lou Reed but, Alan Thompson.

Per my guitar guy, Alan only made a few (less than 30) in a chicken coup behind a studio in Cotati California.

Mr. Gallo, I wish you the best of luck in cornering the market on Alan Thompson guitars!

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11 Dec 2008
Posts: 106
PostPosted: 01/27/2013 at 6:53 PM    Post subject: RE: Paging Mr. Gallo link

Edit: Thompson's were not Partscasters ¦ my friend said they were going for north of $3,000 in the 70's

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Due to abuse - forum is closed and in archive mode only

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