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Forum :: General Discussion

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 Author  Message

PostPosted: 01/27/2006 at 5:58 PM    Post subject: Intonation link

I wanted to raise the bridge a little on my low E and A string and I was wondering if it would change the intonation. Also I just got my bean pretty recently and was wanting to get it setup. I was wondering what all they could do for it since it doesn't have a truss rod. The guys at my local guitar shop had never heard of a travis bean and I'm not so sure I want to take it there. Is there anything I can do myself to make it sound as good as possible? thanks

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PostPosted: 01/28/2006 at 5:27 PM    Post subject: RE:Intonation link

Save the money and do the setup yourself with just a few tools and a little only need two sizes of allen keys and a good tuner.

First...adjust the individual string heights based on your own preference and playing style.

Then second....adjust the intonation of each string with the tuner.

Search the web for details and specs on how to do all of this. It is an easy thing to do yourself and you'll get the personal results you want with a few tries.

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PostPosted: 01/28/2006 at 6:08 PM    Post subject: RE:Intonation link

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I didn't really want to bring it into my local guitar shop because they're asses and don't seem to know what they're doing. I went in the other day and was talking to one of the guys, and mentioned that I just got a travis bean recently and was wondering if he had heard of them and what I should do to get it setup. He was like yeah I know what you're talking about, first we'll adjust the neck and...

What size allen key do you need do raise/lower the strings? I'll have to do some reading about doing the intonation of the strings because I don't know what all you have to do besides just tuning the guitar heh. thanks again

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Due to abuse - forum is closed and in archive mode only

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