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Forum :: General Discussion

I Missed out on a Bean for $300 at an Auction

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 Author  Message

28 Apr 2008
Posts: 3
PostPosted: 04/28/2008 at 2:12 PM    Post subject: I Missed out on a Bean for $300 at an Auction link

It Sucks to be Me! I found this web site AFTER I missed out on a Travis Bean Guitar.

I'm writing to make some one feel better about missing out on a bean guitar,
or to give them hope of finding a cheap TB somewhere.

I found a Travis Bean standard - serial #1340
at a local silent auction and It sold for $300.00
I missed out on it because I never got to go back & bid on it, Boo! Hoo!

It was originally red with natural finish neck. In was in pretty rough shape.

Some one screwd a guityar synth adapter to the front and used hot glue
to fix the high E bridge saddle.

It had the original TB pickups and grover tuners but the tuners had some
rust pit marks on them. and the neck had some deep scratches on the back side.
The paint was chipped on the edges and had cracks in the finish.
It would have needed a full resto to make it good looking / playable again.

How much does a TB in this condition usually sell for?

Shoud I kick my self or look for a better one that needs less work & money?

Would an aluminum neck Kramer be easier / cheaper to find than a Travis Bean?

As of now I only have 2 guitars-
a 1991 Bolt "Spyder" electric guitar made in Allentown PA for 1 Year less than 1,500 made
they sold for over $1,500 when new back in the 1990s


a 1981 Vantage "Les Paul Copy" made in Japan, I only paid $100 for it.and it plays & sounds great and has unbeliveable good workmanship & quality to it.
It's a Low End Guitar but I love it.

They are not as "Exclusive" as a Travis Bean but they play well for me.
- Jason

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19 Mar 2008
Posts: 8
PostPosted: 04/28/2008 at 3:12 PM    Post subject: RE:I Missed out on a Bean for $300 at an Auction link

If you're interested in getting one drop me a line at Might have soemthing for you.

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28 Apr 2008
Posts: 9
PostPosted: 04/28/2008 at 7:18 PM    Post subject: RE:I Missed out on a Bean for $300 at an Auction link

I woulda bought it!

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28 Apr 2008
Posts: 3
PostPosted: 04/29/2008 at 7:18 AM    Post subject: RE:I Missed out on a Bean for $300 at an Auction link

Yeah I know I wanted to buy it it was at $25 for like 3 weeks and I was going to go
by on the last day of the auction and put my bid in on it but some stuff happened
arround the house the day before I could get back to it. I should of put my bid in
the day I saw it.

I'd love to have a Bean but money is too tight right now to afford one, I thought
I would be able to score that one for arround $250-350 but I got skunked by
someone else who knew what it was, there was a 90s fender stratocaster
that sold for $100, I would have bid on that but I was holding out for the bean.

Now I get to spend my money on a new refridgerator & repairs to my truck!
Oh Well, If anyone ever wants to sell one super cheap (I know HA! HA! HA!)
let me know I might be able to scrape together some money for one.

I've seen some nice ones listed at arround $4,000 but what kind of value
does one have that needs repairs, does it cut the price drastically or not?

I would be totally happy with a project one I could fix up & restore, what
is a fair price to pay for one like that?

Thanks for any help, Jason

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06 Jan 2008
Posts: 250
PostPosted: 04/29/2008 at 9:26 AM    Post subject: RE:I Missed out on a Bean for $300 at an Auction link

Sorry you missed that one Jason...I'm afraid that will be "the one that got away" story for you to agonize over for years to come. Unfortunately, right now you probably can't even buy a Bean pickup for $250-$350...if you can find one that is.

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