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Forum :: General Discussion

DEAD FREAKS UNITE! A new mystery surfaces

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 Author  Message

20 Dec 2005
Posts: 223
PostPosted: 10/21/2007 at 9:55 PM    Post subject: DEAD FREAKS UNITE! A new mystery surfaces link

Ok, here's the deal...about a year ago I bought this white standard from a dude who lived in San Francisco his entire life and worked at winterland in the late 60s/early 70s. He saw Jerry play the Banjo before there was even a Mother McCree's uptown Jug Champions. (I have an email in to him). So, as some may know, I have one Bean with replaced pickups...Dimarzios. I switched them from an artist to a standard and today, I wanted to look at the pickups of an unmolested Bean to see if the back pup was shimmed like the pickups I swapped. I popped the bridge pickup out and noticed some writing- a date. "Hmmm?". Took off the front pickup and there it was, plain as day, "Jerry Garcia 7/10/79. WTF!!!!
ok, first, we know Garcia never played a standard. We know by june of 79 he was playing his Tiger or the Wolf (Tigerstrat??)....I give my word: I NEVER opened this guitar before. I HIGHLY doubt the seller did this as a gag as Tigerstrat speculated as a possibility. I think he knew I was a 'head, but the deal was quick and I highly doubt he would have fu*ked with a 100% stock guitar. I bought a cream artist from the same guy and that is the guitar that had the Dimarzios....
I am just baffeled. I bet it is nothing. Maybe because garcia had backed these guitars, they had a deal to give him X amount of guitars and maybe this one was meant for him? Or (highly unlikely) could this be the neck that was returned? One more odd thing....If you ignore the "1" on the serial #, the #s "036" are perfectly centered.....did #s 1-99 have zeros in front of them? I am guessing no...BUT, if they did...maybe this was once # 036 and was in Garcia's possession at one time...BUT, another doubt on that is that is that this is a Standard and had dot inlays.

Can anyone hazard a guess....or, does anyone want this guitar for....I'll go low: $250,000? ok, I'll do $200,000...haha. That's a joke. But seriously, here are the pictures. Can anyone take a guess as to why this man's name is written inside of $1036 with a date on it from 1979? WEIRD! Just thought I'dshare:

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06 Jan 2008
Posts: 250
PostPosted: 10/22/2007 at 11:57 AM    Post subject: RE:DEAD FREAKS UNITE! A new mystery surfaces link

Wow! Ain't that interesting....I think you were meant to end up with that one John. Another great bean mystery!

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20 Dec 2005
Posts: 223
PostPosted: 10/22/2007 at 12:38 PM    Post subject: RE:DEAD FREAKS UNITE! A new mystery surfaces link

From a G.D. family member:

"It does not look like Jerry's writing (I found a
Dylan/Dead setlist online to compare it to)... I would bet money that
this guitar was delivered to JG soon after that date, and that he gave
it away, as he did with so many of his guitars... and it was bought by
the guy you purchased it from."

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04 Feb 2004
Posts: 305
PostPosted: 10/22/2007 at 2:01 PM    Post subject: RE:DEAD FREAKS UNITE! A new mystery surfaces link

Very cool Dank. It's karma that this guitar found its way to you. Regardless of the lineage, pulling off the pickups and finding that underneath is wild.

Here is some more food for thought -

The serial number and pot dates suggest a late '76 or early '77 construction date. Where was that guitar for the 2 - 3 years between when it left the factory and when (ostensibly) someone wrote the inscription? If it was given to Garcia by the TB folks, why would they wait two years? Might it have been sent back to the shop for repairs?

When did the Bean factory finally shut down? I thought it was sometime in 1979.

Good stuff. Thanks for the info.

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