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TravisBeanGuitars meets Sonic Youth!

Well, I got to meet Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth and the rest of the band! A few years back, I unknowingly purchased the #102 TB1000A on eBay. It was beat up fairly bad (including disconnected pickguard), so I thought I'd make it a 'project' guitar and do some repairs on it. Frankintank and I corresponded and he walked me through the process of prepping and reattching the pickquard to the guitar. After about six months, I decided to sell it back on eBay and was contacted by the manager of Sonic Youth, letting me know that the guitar was one of the guitars stolen. Now, to say that I felt like a retard for not making the connection is the understatement of the decade. So I did some research, and sure enough, the guitar I purchased was Lee's. They were super cool, and paid the amount I originally paid plus a little extra. I was able to give information of where I purchased the guitar, hoping that it would lead to other recoveries.. but that turned into a deadend.

Anyway to make a short story long, a few years have gone by, and they played my city. Lee sent me an email asking me if I wanted tickets to the show. Hell yeah! Along with the tickets he threw some backstage passes so I got to meet him. He was an incredibly nice and genuine guy. Oh.. and the show rocked my world. I gave him crap for not playing a Bean on any of the songs that night, but he did show me a later model TB1000S (magnolia body/imron neck) he had in his rack.

At the time of me returning the guitar to the band, that was the only instrument returned. Since then the other Bean ("bullseye" TB1000S) and a Fender (both heavily damaged) were returned for a total of three instruments.

Here is a photo from the show.

Phew... working on the Bean site is hard work. Why not buy me a beer so I can cool off? If this site has been helpful in finding or selling your Bean, or increased your knowledge of this great guitar/bass, how about buying me a beer? (Suggested: $3 a beer or $7.50 for a pitcher)

Submitted on 07/01/2006 at 5:09 PM
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