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Forum :: General Discussion

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Rev Jerry Baysinger

PostPosted: 06/27/2007 at 10:32 PM    Post subject: TB1000S link

Finally got my TB out of mothballs after 28 1/2 years and put a set of strings on it and plugged it in. Can't believe I stopped playing it. Wow! the sound! But, after buying it new in Nov 78 and playing it 3 or so months, I tore my left rotator cuff and could not bear the weight of it, and took the strings off of it and locked it away. This thing still sounds better than any other guitar I've ever heard. Travis, I STILL have to take my hat off to you. You did it right. Nothing else even comes close, even after all these years.

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PostPosted: 06/28/2007 at 9:11 AM    Post subject: RE:TB1000S link

ANY Travis Bean (except perhaps the TB500, which are crap, in my oppinion) will BLOW AWAY the very best Les Paul from 1959 or any other year. ANY ONE. They are superior in every way. Why are LPs so expensive? Jimmy Page, Duanne Allman, Pete Townasand, Slash, classic rock and every guitar player who ever played one. Many famous players have not even heard of Beans. They are heavy, so people just don't give them a chance.
They are better guitars...BY FAR. MUCH better. If you own one and you actually use it, keep it and enjoy it. There is nothing like it in the world. I would take a Bean over an LP, Veleno, Kramer, PRS, Strat, Tele. I might choose an Alemcic, but it would have to be a good one. Even then, the neck would probably not satisfy me.
The Rolls Royse? Ney, the Bentley of guitars

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Due to abuse - forum is closed and in archive mode only

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