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Forum :: General Discussion

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 Author  Message

PostPosted: 08/27/2002 at 3:16 PM    Post subject: HELP link

hi everyone, i was hoping someone could give me a little advice on the following problem, i'm taking my tb500 to the guitar doctor but just wanted a little info first if anyone can supply it.. the other day i noticed my bean was playing a LOT quieter than usual with the pickups in the treble position, the bass pickups were fine. i've noticed there is a rattling coming from the body too. is this likely to be the kind of thing that can be solved just by a solder or two or is it something a bit more serious (i'm clueless about the tech side of guitars!). the pickups on it are not original bean ones but dan armstrongs which, as far as the guy i bought it from said, have been installed just like the old travis bean ones were installed - shrinkwrapped / screwed to the neck etc. you don't see many beans where i come from so i was worried in case the repair shop hasn't dealt with one before and doesn't really know what to do - any advice i should pass on to the guys? any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

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david johnson

PostPosted: 11/27/2002 at 5:36 AM    Post subject: RE:HELP link

scott, i am not sure if you had your guitar fixed yet, but i am sure that i know what the problem is. this is a common problem among TB's; faulty wiring due to lack of quality maintenance. the reason that your TB is loosing high-end tonal quality is due to a faulty soldering, or lack of proper casing. this is a very common problem in vintage guitars; in-experienced techs attempt to fix a problem, and end up causing more bad than good... when you are plugged-in to your amp, the signal is routed through a "specific" series of connections in the TB. if any one of those are "interrupted," the signal will vary. in your case, the person who replaced your pickups obviously did not understand that there is a large bulk of metal in which a faulty soldering could rub against. one of your wire-casings are rubbing against this bulk of metal (the aluminum which makes up the frame of the TB), and this is causing the tonal-**** job, and the rattling (you have wattage going through your amp which will "shake" your guitar due to the faulty harness, b/c it is grounded, you will also feel a little "electrified"). this should be a lesson to anyone who wants to put foreign pickups in a vintage guitar!!!!!!!!!! i would recommend the tech at Chicago's "Music Exchange" on Belmont ave., or the owner of the "Blue Note" in Peoria, il. they are alright guys, and if you call and explain your problem, they should be able to help.

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Due to abuse - forum is closed and in archive mode only

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