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Forum :: General Discussion

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Model 500 Basses

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E. Bailey

PostPosted: 11/05/2007 at 6:42 PM    Post subject: Model 500 Basses link

Around 1997 I spotted three magnolia Model 500 bass bodies for sale in a glass case at Norm's Rare Guitars. All were top routed for pickups and controls, and they closely resembled the offset body style of the second version (asymmetrical) Model 500 guitar. I don't recall if the bodies had lacquer or sanding sealer, but there were no necks to accompany them. The neck route went almost completely through, like on the TB 2000. As well, there were four holes for the strings to pass through the bridge. Does anyone know if any of these basses made it past this stage of production ? In 15 years of Bean hunting, I've never spotted one or heard rumor of a completed one.

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16 Mar 2007
Posts: 147
PostPosted: 11/05/2007 at 10:13 PM    Post subject: RE:Model 500 Basses link

I wish i could see these.

I do know that mighty mite bought all the remaining pcs after the factory closed. Most of this stock was 500 bodies and necks(finished and unfinished). I dont recall were i read this, but have seen it a few times. I hope one day theyll pop up.

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E. Bailey

PostPosted: 11/06/2007 at 12:50 PM    Post subject: RE:Model 500 Basses link

The bodies were priced at around 100-150 each. At the time that was beyond my budget for what were to me essentially conversation pieces. As well, TB500 guitars were fetching between 400-800 in good original condition back then, to the best of my memory (still kicking myself for passing up a few). There's always the chance too that they still have the bass bodies. Both Norm's and Chris' Guitars in North Hollywood had adsorbed some of the TB inventory along with Stars Guitars.

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