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Database TB2000 #858

Model:   TB2000
Type:   Standard - Bass
Body:   Finished Color
Neck:   Polished Aluminum
Serial:   #858
Date Purchased:   06/06/1994
Date Submitted:   N/A
Last Modified:   02/14/2016

First Name:   Mike
Last Name:   Kaiser
Country:   USA

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Description:   All original paint - slightly worn at treble pickup from previous owner; intonation issues at 2nd octave but is an incredible recording bass! I wish they made a 5- or 6-string (8??) string bass.

Original Description:
The factory paint is an off-white and worn in places at the treble pickup. Action is great but has intonation issues and buzzing frets at 2nd octave and above (usually not a problem when going through the right equipment and loud enough volume). This isn't a bass to do Billy Sheehan licks on, however, many a recording engineer has commented on the tone and power this bass puts out being that it's passive. Love those HUGE pole pieces!
Was found in a local music shop in Albany, NY (c. 1996) for $350. Wasn't too sure about the looks, but the sound was awesome! It sounded almost like a Rick 4001. I knew then and there I had a rare buy and my next main axe. Thanks Drome Sound!

Member Profile

Bass player for 30 years. Not playing pro anymore, but still in the game.

Music: (musical influences / inspirations)
Yes; Rush; Judas Priest; Triumph; Black Sabbath; Philip Glass; Yeasayer;

Gear: (amps, pedals, etc)
Roland DB-900 ("the refrigerator")