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Forum Profile - TomWanderer

Forum User:   TomWanderer
Post Count:   49
Member Since:   29 Jul 2008

Since I was a freshman in high school I have scrounged for good deals on all sorts of gear. Recoding and playing guitar and working on equipment is what I love to do. I have managed to find many things for great prices, but I have always wanted a Bean. The search continues!
I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin and operate the band Red Stuff and the label SKELL Records with my girlfriend Kelly.
I write songs, play guitar and engineer all of our recordings.

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Music: (musical influences / inspirations)
I am in a garage band called Red Stuff.

Gear: (amps, pedals, etc)
Electrical Guitar Compnay #290 (lucite body)
Kramer 450 G, black, with custom Kahler trem
60's Teisco hollow body electric
Airline lap steel
Wem (Watkins) bass
Mosrite Fuzzrite
Shin-ei fuzz
Harmonic Percolator (Chuck Collins)
lots of old electro harmonix boosters and assorted cheap 60's dirt box effects.
Silvertone 1483 tube head
Teisco Checkmate 50 tube head
Sano 1X10 combo
Sano 1X12 combo
Sound City Concord combo
Home made/modified tube heads and practice amps from radios, projectors, record players
Aria studiotrack four track
Sony 8 channel stereo mixer
Crown D-60
Soundcraftsman EQ
pair of DBX 117s
Beyer M380
pair Sennheiser MD-421 (one black one white)
Sennheiser 609e
AKG D112
Cascade Fat Head

all sorts of other speakers, project guitars, amps, mics, and weird old gear. Have been working on my studio since I was 15 and its finally starting to pay off.

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