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Forum :: General Discussion

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What are they worth

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15 Aug 2001
Posts: 69
PostPosted: 01/28/2006 at 10:08 AM    Post subject: What are they worth link

Hey all,
Just wanted some opionions, I'm in a bit of a finincial squeeze and as much as I hate to, I may need to sell a couple beans.

I've got a Late SN Magnolia Standard, clear finish, thin body and Imron neck, and a Late SN Artist Koa Body, clear finish , thin body and Imron neck. The standard was the actual guitar photographed for some of the origional TB ads, I've got an origional copy of the ad what will go with the Standard.

Both are fully functioning, around 9lbs and in good condition.

Any thoughts on Value, They'll probably go on E-bay within the week.


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PostPosted: 01/28/2006 at 6:03 PM    Post subject: RE:What are they worth link

Well I bought a standard pretty recently and I shopped around a little. I paid $1900 which from what I have read here is pretty steap, but I really wanted one now and didn't feel like waiting for a cheaper one to come up on ebay. It's a standard with a fairly low # with the thick body, which I hear is more is more desireable.

As I said I looked around a little and 1900 was the best I could find at the time (with shipping included). I found one as high as $2790 on ebay, which was just a basic standard, koa body, and a # around 700-800 or so. Granted no one bought it for 2790. It came up for $1500 reserve and I bid until about $1950 or so and stopped because I had already seen one for less. Then it came up again for $1000 starting bid so I tried again and still didn't meet the reserve price. I contacted the seller and he said he wanted $2790 for it, which I thought was crazy. I've talked to a couple people who have mentioned wanting beans, and if you look around forums like this you always see people who want to buy them. Depending on how fast you want to sell it I bet you could get $1700-1800 easy, and maybe $2000 or more if someone really wants it. Like someone who posted here before said, vintage guitar magazine said they went up 87% in the last year so...

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Due to abuse - forum is closed and in archive mode only

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