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Forum :: General Discussion

Veleno body

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 Author  Message

20 Dec 2005
Posts: 223
PostPosted: 11/09/2007 at 1:03 PM    Post subject: Veleno body link

I thought this might interest some people: there is a Veleno body for sale on Ebay, in two pieces. It is kind of cool to see how the body was machined and these photos explain why the guitars are so light. Anyways, I thought it was kind of cool. My veleno is more ornamental in my collection. Sort of an odd guitar to play because of the incredibly thin neck. But the price guide has them rising in price, so...who knows.

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16 Mar 2007
Posts: 147
PostPosted: 11/10/2007 at 2:04 PM    Post subject: RE:Veleno body link

Thats very cool, but just aware that the neck pocket is not machined completely nore are a few other very important parts. It would take a great deal to make this playable. Its not #35 or a 1969 either, that number is just the top and rear plate matched set machining number and its one of the last bodies making it a mid 70s body.

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20 Dec 2005
Posts: 223
PostPosted: 11/11/2007 at 10:58 AM    Post subject: RE:Veleno body link

There are a TON of bootlegged Velenos out there. I am pretty sure that the 3 that were just listed on Ebay were bootleggs. The guy offered to trade me that red one for my chrome, if it was a TRUE red Veleno, who in his right mind would trade a rare colored Veleno (BEAUTIFUL RED!!!!) for the most common chromed ones? Plus, I know other things about the seller, but I'm not here to bad mouth, simply to warn. Also, there were tons of left ovr parts when he closed up shop.
John Veleno is alive and well and he wanted me to send him my guitar to have it authenticated. I am going to do this in person as he did give me an address. I'd prefer not to mail such a piece twice obviously.
Anyways, sorry to stray from the Travis bean topic. I just thought it was interesting. Also, You will be hearing from me eventually Kevin. I just need to get the funds together. I am jonsin' to play one of your guitars.

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