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Database TB2000 #264

Model:   TB2000
Type:   Standard - Bass
Body:   Koa
Neck:   Polished Aluminum
Serial:   #264
Date Purchased:   08/16/2005
Date Submitted:   N/A
Last Modified:   03/28/2009

First Name:   john
Last Name:   peyton
Country:   united states

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Description:   N/A







Member Profile

From Omaha, Nebraska but now i live in Lincoln, Nebraska. I play bass in a band called Paper People. Kevin w/ Electrical Guitar Company built me an all aluminium bass that was powdered tv yellow (#236). It is the only one in the world to my knowledge. Thanks Kevin!!!

Music: (musical influences / inspirations)
Shellac, Bear Claw, Big Black, Silkworm, Polvo, Jesus Lizard, Killdozer, Craw, Melvins, Rapeman, Uzeda, Bellini, The Ex, Firehose, Minutemen, Shipping News, Mission Of Burma, Tar, Rodan, June of 44, Slint, Sonic Youth, Killing Joke, Gang of Four, Television, Primus, Nirvana, Rifle Sport, Breaking Circus, Brick Layer Cake, Godheadsilo, Enemymine, The Wipers, Mudhoney, Volcano Suns, Dianogah, Members of the Press, Ravine, Cop Shoot Cop, Soundgarden, Mike Watt, Pigface, Fromanhole, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Noah's Ark Was A Spaceship, That Heat, Pachinko, Birthday Party, Karp, Big Business, Scratch Acid, Stnnng, .22, Breeders, Arab on Radar, A Minor Forest, Morphine, UUVVWWZ, Quatre Tete, Flour, Fugazi, Her Flyaway Manner, Ideal Cleaners, Sea Scouts, The Lepers, Villabrut, Bottomless Pit, New Brutalism, Three Second Kiss

Gear: (amps, pedals, etc)
TB 2000 #264
TB 1000S #1422
Ampeg SVT 450 W/ 4-10's and 1-15
Rat, Rotovibe, Boss Bass Overdrive (ODB-3), Boss Super Phaser (PH-2), Electro Harmonix Small Clone (EH 4600), Barge Concepts BP-1, Interfax Harmonic Percolator HP-1