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Database TB1000S #1027

Model:   TB1000S
Type:   Standard - Guitar
Body:   Koa
Neck:   Polished Aluminum
Serial:   #1027
Date Purchased:   02/15/2011
Date Submitted:   N/A
Last Modified:   08/27/2021

First Name:   Chris
Last Name:   Rosenau
Country:   USA

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Description:   History:
I purchased #1027 on 2/15/2011 on eBay from Tim Lehi.

Tim Lehi shipped it from San Fransisco, CA to me in Milwaukee, WI. It arrived on 2/22/11.

Info from Tim via email regarding history before I received it: "i got it off gbase guitar mall , early last year (2010), thats as far as i know ,i noticed the t. bean website a documentry , prob make it easier for you to track this 'n , its definatly cool , orginal beat up case its cool too , i just packed it up really good and said my fair wells youll be stoked ! tracking# for ya tomorrow, thanks! tim.

The only other history I could find for #1027 was it was purchased 04/18/2007 by Eric Philippsen.

I have played it in Volcano Choir during US, Europe, and Japan tours for our record: Repave. It is the guitar I played on the song "Byegone" on the album Repave. You can see it in action from our performance on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, episode 888, September 10, 2013.–14)

You can also see it in action from our NPR Music Special from the 930 Club in Washington DC here (at 14:10 and 46:50):

It also appears on many recordings by another band of mine, Collections of Colonies of Bees.
I used it in various tracks on almost all records we released after I received it in 2011.

It was also exclusively played during duo shows with Jon Mueller under the "band" moniker "Taffy Puller".

Fret level, crown, and polish performed by Ron at Cream City Music (Milwaukee, WI) early August 2017 - October 2017 to eliminate the buzz on the low strings on the low frets and the sitar effect on the high strings on the low frets. Fret level, crown, and polish didn’t exactly eliminate the buzz, so they filled in the brass nut with a metal/resin filler. Helped, but some hints of buzz are still there.

All original except for volume/tone knobs. From Rusty at Rockhaus (Milwaukee, WI): A high Sr# like that should have had the black knob set with the numbers on the side. They would have been a speed knob shot in black over the outside of the knob with white numbers on the side. The set I have are black with no numbers on them. They look close to what should have been on there. They don't cost a ton and should be ok till you find the stock set. Added these knobs March 2011 (ones on when I bought it on eBay are in the case).