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Forum :: General Discussion

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The Runaways Movie

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20 Jun 2008
Posts: 83
PostPosted: 04/15/2010 at 12:47 AM    Post subject: The Runaways Movie link

it was ... interesting. A lot of people have asked me why they lumped their 5 bassplayers: Mickie, Peggy Foster, Jackie, Vickie, and Laurie into 1 generic character they called 'Robin'; they only had 2 hours for the film; if they had gone through getting/losing 5 bassplayers that would have taken 1 1/2 hours. Jackie has suggested that the five of us start a band named The Robins; I think it would be fun if we wrote our own movie. The fellow who played Kim was so much like Kim it gave me a shiver. When I was in the group we rehearsed 5 days a week in a rehearsal studio in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. I played at the first few gigs including the private party depicted in the movie but no one threw things at us, they were just happy beach guys drinking beer. I guess I'm lucky I was a 'pre-trailer' Runaway. If Kim had moved us to a trailer in the roadies' back yard I would have quit right then. Joan really is a lot like the Kristen character. Joan has grown up to be a really nice person with a big heart who does a lot more for charities than the public knows about. My favorite song of hers is Bad Reputation. I love Lita's songs, they rock hard the way I like to. Dakota did a good job of playing the character that was written in the script but Cherie isn't anything like that fabricated character; Kim said in an interview that Cherie is like Courtney Love; I have to concur. The Runaways Movie came and went in my neighborhood in 2 weeks. I'm not surprised, we still have a small loyal following, but not enough people to fill thousands of theatres for months. I hope MTV makes all their money back; if they don't it will be a long time before anyone finances another movie about female musicians. Did any of you see it and if so, what did you think? It's a bummer that there were no Beans in it. Peggy

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