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Database TB1000A #417

Model:   TB1000A
Type:   Artist - Guitar
Body:   Koa
Neck:   Polished Aluminum
Serial:   #417
Date Purchased:   01/01/1976
Date Submitted:   08/26/2011
Last Modified:   12/12/2013

First Name:   Steve
Last Name:   Sears
Country:   N/A

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Description:   The body is the original thick / narrow horn, two-piece Koa version. The wood itself is darker than usual with a coloring that borders on mahogany or paduak depending on the light, and exhibits some rare birdseye figure. The neck is aluminum, of course, with the rarer Ebony fingerboard as opposed to the usual rosewood. Inside the receiver channel there is a marking of "C+" in black marker, whatever that means. Artist block inlays. Original brass nut, Schaller (made in W. Germany) tuners, bridge/saddles/Allen screws, aluminum pickguard and hot TB humbuckers. The original electronics have been thoroughly cleaned and one cap was replaced. The speed knobs (brownish in color) may or may not be original, although they are vintage and display the usual internal chips/cracks. The hardshell case also may not be original, but appears to be a G&G case of similar era and is a perfect fit. The body is in good shape but not without its share of dings, although a number of what appear to be dings are actually small points of finish loss where the lacquer has had trouble adhering to the wood's knots/birdseyes. There is also some slight finish loss/wear at the body seam and around the pickguard.

Now for the good stuff. There are a number of clues that point to this instrument having been owned by Stanley Jordan, but first and foremost is his signature inside the electronics cavity. This would be an odd place for a fan autograph, and most likely was put there either for identification purposes or for provenance. In addition, the nut had been lowered (since returned to original height with an expertly installed brass shim) presumably for use as a touchboard instrument. Lastly, the bridge pickup had been disconnected and the coils removed, and this sort of Travis Bean pickup musical chairs has been attributed to Stanley Jordan on at least one other occasion and documented on the Travis Bean forum. The bridge pickup has since been masterfully restored by Kevin Burkett of the Electrical Guitar Company (EGC).




























































Currently this instrument is not owned by the submitter. Either it was recently sold, lost or given away. If the instrument has been sold, and you are the current owner, please Contact Me, then we can work on updating this Bean entry.