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Forum Profile - peggyfoster

Forum User:   peggyfoster
Post Count:   83
Member Since:   20 Jun 2008

Marc McElwee and I became friends when he worked for Killeen Music in Burbank. When Clifford Travis Bean started working there they became BFF instantly. They started making Travis Bean Guitars in Unit J in Sun Valley. I lived nearby with my parents and hung out in the shop just about every day. Marc & Travis introduced me to Glenn "Willard". He and Al and I and my drummer, Greg, formed a band named Kid Sapphire, later changed to Flyer. I played #25 Wedge Bass and a beautiful Koa fretless 2000 that was book-matched with a guitar made for Glenn. Marc & Travis had nick-names for everyone. Mine was "Foggy Pester" (Peggy Foster anagrammed). Hey, I was lucky, they called Gary "Butt-face". Travis & Marc were hilarious, there were always new cartoons on the walls. The employees were the smartest, most dedicated, skilled, and creative people in their trades. At Travis Bean they got to do experimental things they weren't allowed to do in conventional industries. Marc & Travis & I are still friends, always have been, always will be.

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Music: (musical influences / inspirations)
Mine. I'm Peggy Foster Bassplayer on MySpace and Facebook.

Gear: (amps, pedals, etc)
My Wedge has an extra thin neck - Marc & Travis cut two thin necks, one for my bass and one for Jon E.'s.
I love my Wedge. I can play high, right up to the highest fret without wood getting in the way. I don't do this often mind you as guitarists get antsy when bass players flog away forever, but during the one bass solo per show, it's no holds barred.
I did something I probably shouldn't have ... added a Roland V-bass Synth to my best bass (my Wedge). It's fun to play with, makes alternative sounds. I can stomp a pedal on the synth and kick the pitch up or down rather than taking it off and putting on a 5-string bass. The Roland pick-up is wired to the toggle so I can flip it off and have pure Bean sound. I'm afraid the modification will offend some Bean fans - sorry! Peggy

Home Page: http://Peggy Foster Bassplayer on My Space and Facebook