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Forum :: General Discussion

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PostPosted: 03/22/2004 at 5:54 PM    Post subject: stresscracks link

i´ve just gotten my first stresscracks on my tb 500. they´re about 1 inch in length. is this something i should/can do something about directly, or should i wait.? its not affecting the playability but it looks kind of scary. advice please.?

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PostPosted: 04/14/2004 at 5:56 PM    Post subject: RE:stresscracks link

i had some small stress cracks on my guitar, and then i got into a feedback frenzy and i stood on the body, put a drumstick under the strings, and the pulled up and split the body in two places. the moral of this story.......the bodies themselves are very fragile, but even after that abuse, mine still plays fine. if you don't do neck bends or abuse your guitar then it will be fine. the stress cracks are quite common on this model, but if you're worried then bring it to a repair shop and have them glue the body back together if the cracks are even big enough. good luck

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Due to abuse - forum is closed and in archive mode only

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