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»  RE:Dating a Travis Bean guitar
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Database TB2000 #556

Model:   TB2000
Type:   Standard - Bass
Body:   Koa
Neck:   Polished Aluminum
Serial:   #556
Date Purchased:   01/01/1980
Date Submitted:   N/A
Last Modified:   03/28/2012

First Name:   Dennis
Last Name:   Lyons
Country:   USA

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Description:   The original owner, Jim Robinson, accidentally scratched the clear finish and decided to refinish the bass in white. Being unhappy with thevresults he restored it tonthe original koa finish. The bass was purchased new around 1980 at a local music store for approximately $770"00. The guitar was later traded at another local music store, where I purchased it for $300.00.










Member Profile

I got my first guitar at age 9. Played my first gig with a band called the Misty Blues in a bar at age 17' (almost wouldn't let us play because of that)". I was a bit upset over the ordeal and quit right after that. Some years later I developed an interest in the bass and joined a band called The Country Gentlemen 5" was with them for a number of years and the band changed it's name to Country Rock Edition. The band broke up so I joined Borderline. That went on for a few years and again the band parted. I then got asked to join a band called Special Blend. This one is a bit strange. The Special Blend band actually existed with a different setof members, but one at a time, they all quit andvwere reolaced with me being one of the replacenents. The band name was copyrighted, but we carried it on for a number of years. We felt we shouldn't be using the name since there were no more original members in the band so we changed the name to Night Wing. I kmow, right? I played in that band up until 18 years ago, when again hurnout set un and we decided to take a little, (18 year)' break. Old as we were all getting, 2 yearsvafo, (2010)' we decided to putbthe band back together again. That lasted all of a year before theblead guitarist decided to move to another state. I give up - it's too damned tough trying to keep a groupntogether. I did fotget to mention that during my free weekends, I sat in on the bass with a group called Frank And The Hy Tymes. I definetly got a good workoutnon the bass. I'd have to say,though, I'm glad I had the Bean to play - it's a great old guitar!

Music: (musical influences / inspirations)
No particular influences, and not insired by any one musician. I believe something can le learned from all musicians and music styles.

Gear: (amps, pedals, etc)
Travis Bean TB 2000 bass w/light guage Roto Sound strings, Peavey TNT 130 bass amp w/15" Black Widoe speaker, Peavey low impedance model ??? Mic, (will look that info up and enter it later)"