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Travis Bean Guitars RSS Feed

[Valid RSS] So I'm trying to stay up with the times. I just implemented a RSS feed of the blogs on the site. You'll need an RSS reader, unless you're using Firefox, which makes it super simple to subscribe to a RSS syndications. All you need to do is click on the orange syndication icon on the bottom right corner of the browser and add it to your bookmarks. If you're not up for adding a RSS feed, and what to see all the latest updates, you can make this site your home page by clicking this link. If you want to download the RSS file directly, please click this link. RSS feeds will be updated on a nightly basis.

Also, I wanted to remind members, that you can post your comments on these blog entries.. not sure if people are realizing this, but it's been awfully quiet around here. Not a member? Sign up! Along those lines, I have a MySpace page set up, drop by and say 'hi'.

There is a new downloads section in the works where you can download desktop wallpaper of Beans. Yahoo!!! I'll keep everyone posted as development progresses.

Phew... working on the Bean site is hard work. Why not buy me a beer so I can cool off? If this site has been helpful in finding or selling your Bean, or increased your knowledge of this great guitar/bass, how about buying me a beer? (Suggested: $3 a beer or $7.50 for a pitcher)

Submitted on 10/05/2006 at 3:40 PM
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