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Blog Archive

New Website!
As you can see, I rolled out another layout of the web site. This is version 5 since I started the site in 2000. Wow, lots have changed since 2000, Beans are more popular than ever, the database is getting alot of records and new members are signing up on an almost daily basis! Thanks everyone!

With this addition, I've included this Bean blog (registered members have the ability to comment on posts!). Along with the news/blog, I'm currently working on a new 'Classfieds' section where people can post their guitars/basses for sale. I'm still working out the details, but wanted to make an easy place to connect sellers and buyers. I'm open to any suggestions, etc. I'm working on a web service to make it easier to include photos with your Bean. I'm still heavily in the planning stage, but should have something in the next few months.

You'll notice a couple of new sections in the left margin (Bean Bands and Bean Supporters). Bean Bands are any band or musician that plays or have known to have played Beans at one time. I have a fairly large list which is ever-growing. If you know of a band that isn't there, drop me a note. Bean Supporters are 'friends' of the Bean site, usually offering links or helping with the development of the site, etc. If you're interested, again.. let me know.

Since this site will be seeing more activity and news, you might want to make it your home page to catch all the latest updates and developments!

Phew... working on the Bean site is hard work. Why not buy me a beer so I can cool off? If this site has been helpful in finding or selling your Bean, or increased your knowledge of this great guitar/bass, how about buying me a beer? (Suggested: $3 a beer or $7.50 for a pitcher)

Submitted on 09/16/2006 at 5:11 PM
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KoaGod | 09/19/2006 at 10:59 AM

I'm liking this look.. when is Classifieds section going to be up???