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08 Apr 2015
Posts: 30
PostPosted: 02/06/2017 at 12:00 PM    Post subject: SOLID BLACK SPPED KNOBS link

As most of you already know Travis Bean guitars came equipped with two different types of speed knobs. A solid black version with etched or silk screened numbers around the base or clear over black more Gibson type. As well these two different types came and went and came back again throughout production including a period of the Sansui type metal knobs. The solid black plastic type are more prone to strip beyond being useable. I have two Travis Bean Artists each with two stripped unusable solid black plastic knobs. Five years ago I purchased 7 New old stock knobs (more Gibson Type) from Obie. Would anyone trade 1, 2 3, or a set of the solid type for 1,2,3 or a set of the Gibson type? I would be willing to add cash to make it worthwhile. Since both my Beans with bad knobs are white artists I want to keep the solid black type knobs on those as the more Gibson type look great on all Beans except white (just my opinion)

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08 Apr 2015
Posts: 30
PostPosted: 02/06/2017 at 8:53 PM    Post subject: RE:SOLID BLACK SPPED KNOBS link

By the way my email is

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