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Forum :: Beans For Sale

Selling My 1978 Bean

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 Author  Message

14 Dec 2008
Posts: 2
PostPosted: 12/14/2008 at 9:51 PM    Post subject: Selling My 1978 Bean link

Hi All,
Steve Stevens from Billy Idol here. I am putting my 1978 TB1000S up for sale. I purchased it a while ago but it's not seen much use. Sounds amazing but they are heavy as f**k and i ain't exactly a big dude. What is the current asking price for this geetar? It is in amazing condition.
Here is the description

Prototype 1978 Travis Bean TB1000S Serial # 1451. Here we have Superb Standard in rare black finish.. this guitar is a superb example and a must for the collector. Specifications Serial # 1451 Magnolia Body Aluminum neck Rosewood Board 2 Original Hums Original Pots and Caps Original Hardware Weight 11 lbs OHSC This Guitar is an Excellent original example of one of Travis Beans earliest guitars. This guitar is in 8.5/10 condition showing only light finish wear and a touch of arm wear. There are no breaks or repairs and the hardware is all original. Take a look at the control cavity as it has lead imbedded into channels to balance the weight of the guitar! All parts and electronics 100% original (original solder joints). The guitar plays great and the original frets and nut are in good shape. The neck is straight and the action low. The tone is HUGE. The Aluminum neck is in nice shape and very smooth. The original frets are nice with plenty of life left no major dents. This guitar comes with the original Hard case

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20 Jul 2002
Posts: 36
PostPosted: 12/15/2008 at 12:29 AM    Post subject: RE:Selling My 1978 Bean link

Hello, Nice guitar for sure! How do I contact you? since openly selling on the forum is not allowed.


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30 Nov 2008
Posts: 30
PostPosted: 12/15/2008 at 3:23 AM    Post subject: RE:Selling My 1978 Bean link

hi steve
this is not - like you posted - one of travis earliest guitars; in fact this was made 1978, a year before the company closed the gates. anyway - I am very interested, cause I own number 1415, so would be nice to have 1451, too... please send me a link, to get closer to you.... ahoi, claus

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14 Dec 2008
Posts: 2
PostPosted: 12/15/2008 at 2:08 PM    Post subject: RE:Selling My 1978 Bean link

Hey Guys,
The description posted was from the original seller, that i bought the guitar from. As some people have expressed interest in purchasing the guitar you can e-mail me at I will be happy to supply photos of the internals (100% original) etc.

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