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Forum :: General Discussion

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The '08 price guide: OUTRAGEOUS!

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20 Dec 2005
Posts: 223
PostPosted: 11/03/2007 at 2:35 PM    Post subject: The '08 price guide: OUTRAGEOUS! link

So, I just got my 2008 Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide. This book is by no means an accurate appraisal source, but generally, they will give you a ball park figure with which to factor in with other appraisals (Gruhn) and Ebay prices. Well, this year the only Bean guitars that budged are the artist, which went from $3,000 to $3,100 and the Wedge, which is now at $5,000. List a Wedge on Ebay and bet me that it sells for 5k or less.....I think the Wedges were 4k last year. I don't follow them as much and they are just not really on the raidar since there were less than 50 made.
I think this is rediculious. I would pay 5k for a nice artist any day. I am not shopping right now, but if one came along that I had to have, I would not think twice.
Well, I just figured I'd share this info because I like to compare prices from year to year on items that I collect.
Bean-out, man

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