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Blog Archive

Jerry Garcia's TB1000A #715 up for auction.
So something worth talking about came up the other day. On May 8th at Bonhams, Jerry Garcia's TB1000A (Artist) will be auctioned off. Jerry Garcia was one of the first 'big name' artists using Beans and was a great supporter for many years. He owned a couple of models over the years (TB500s and the upcoming auctioned TB1000A). The guitar is a great white (which has aged to that awesome vintage creame color now) Artist example with what looks to be some modifications.

You can view the Auction info here.

Along with the guitar are some Garcia items: "his guitar strings, a tuning fork, a string winder and an unopned pack of his non-filterd Camel cigarettes" -- quoted from Bonhams.

The estimate is at a whopping $250,000 - $300,000!!!!

This guitar has brought up some interesting questions, and maybe a few of you will be able to shed some light on it. There seems to be some timeline questions. The first interesting point. The Artist serial is #715, which seems like a higher serial number for 1975 as stated. I'm not able to get definitive timeline for the Artists, but do have 'some' numbers and years to base this.

1974 Artists and Standards were started starting at #21
mid 1977 we have #1100 produced
late 1978 - stated painted models started using Magnolia and Poplar bodies (Auction info states that body is made of Koa, but that might not have been verified).

The other interesting point is the possible pickup modification. It appears that it has been fitted with TB500 pickups. This is interesting since TB500s didn't start production until late 1977. He must have really enjoyed the hot pickups from his 500s and wanted them in the Artist at a later date. Or could this have been a proto-type pickup that would later be used for the 500?

There is a thread on the forum about this... if anyone has any ideas or information please post them here.

Phew... working on the Bean site is hard work. Why not buy me a beer so I can cool off? If this site has been helpful in finding or selling your Bean, or increased your knowledge of this great guitar/bass, how about buying me a beer? (Suggested: $3 a beer or $7.50 for a pitcher)

Submitted on 03/23/2007 at 3:32 PM
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