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Forum Profile - crankit211

Forum User:   crankit211
Post Count:   2
Member Since:   22 Feb 2012

started with accordian at 5 yrs of age, studied music, several national trophies by 13 yrs of age, Switched to guitar at 13, auditioned for my first pro band at 15 and got the gig. I've been playing music for a living on and off since then. Studied music at UMKC, Audio engineering at JCCC, and Blue Rivers.
Interned at soundworks studio,
Now own a small analog, digital studio, doing some piece work and producton work. I still gig three weekends out of the month (no more 6 nights a week for me).

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Music: (musical influences / inspirations)
fusion, rock, jazz, blues, country, classical guitar.

Gear: (amps, pedals, etc)
Marshalls, Hughes&kettner, ADA, Gmajor, Peavey modded classic series 60/60
Randall, Fender, no pedals, Several strats, Les Pauls, Travis Bean, Kramer, Ibanez, Esteves