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Forum :: General Discussion

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 Author  Message

17 Jun 2008
Posts: 2
PostPosted: 06/17/2008 at 6:47 PM    Post subject: pickguard link

hello,i just found this site and Bean is a natural finish poplar i think.the aluminum pickgaurd has fallen off.It has the remains of some type of glue on the body.Curiously there are 2 lead holes for screws.The gaurd itself has no holes.Should I attempt to glue it myself ? If so should I sand the old glue off? Or should I use the holes and add screws?Lastly if I glue it what kind of glue?

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12 Mar 2008
Posts: 76
PostPosted: 06/18/2008 at 12:58 PM    Post subject: RE:pickguard link

First off, I assume you are talking about a Standard or Artist guitar. To the best of my admittedly limited knowledge, the pickguards were polished stainless steel and were epoxied to the bodies. A decent 2-part epoxy available at any hardware store should do the trick. Read the package directions and don't use too much and you should be OK.

Kurt O.

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09 Jul 2007
Posts: 32
PostPosted: 06/18/2008 at 4:14 PM    Post subject: RE:pickguard link

depending on how thick the previous adhesive was built up, you might want to block (sand) it down some so that the new PG sits flat and adheres evenly. I would definitely suggest putting a few layers of masking tape around the area (especially the area that is not covered by the PG) so as to eliminate any unwanted scratches. (use high-dollar masking tape that comes off easy and leaves no residue, and still, do not leave it on overnight.) and still exercising caution when sanding (maybe finish with #220?)
any 2k epoxy that is suitable for wood/metal should suffice.
hope this helps.

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Due to abuse - forum is closed and in archive mode only

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